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1992 EVO 2 DTM (new made)


With 16 victories to the 1992 DTM championship: legendary DTM season of successes for Mercedes-Benz 30 years ago.

Vuik Motorsport offers a complete new made 1992 spec DTM car.

  • Body and Rollvage and all changes made 100% as original as homologated with documents
  • Suspension is complete new made as origina
  • Bodykit made from kevlar/carbon
  • Highest spec 2.5 16v with ca. 340hp
  • Getrag 265 6 speed racing gearbox
  • Short ratio motorsport diff with LSD
  • Period correct Barke system as original -18 inch centrelock wheels
  • Custom motorsport electrical system

We build these cars at a very high level and we invested a lot of time and in original parts to make this possible, the cars come with a FIA Historic car pass and are able to race in Historic race classes. We have proven to build race winning cars in Tourenwagen Legenden and Tourenwagen Classics.

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1992 EVO 2 DTM (new made) 1992 EVO 2 DTM (new made) 1992 EVO 2 DTM (new made) 1992 EVO 2 DTM (new made)
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