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Mercedes 190 DTM Racing Body

It is possible to order a complete build racing bodyshell for a Mercedes w201 190 DTM Replica.

  • bare metal chassis, seam welded and fitted with a supreme weld in Rollcage.
  • 190 2.3 16v group A standard body type with Fia Annex K or Fia Annex J weld in rollcage.
  • 190 DTM Evolution 1 or 2 Replica Body Shell With Fia Annex J or Knaf certified multipoint rollcage, complete seam welded and with rear subframe mounts connected on the rollcage.

All body’s will be clear from all old paint and coating and deliverd in bare metal of in 1 layer op epoxy coating,

Mounted with EVO 1 or 2 body kit is also posible.

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Mercedes 190 DTM Racing Body

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